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January Letter

A short film starring INORI Kirara, an actress who is in the limelight having appeared in a number of films, including a work directed by HAMAGUCHI Ryusuke. While Japanese movies shot on location tend to have poor images, a brighter telephoto lens was used in an attempt to create enriched pictures. Following the Short Shorts Film Festival, which also nominates live-action short films for the Academy Awards, it was screened at the Sapporo International Short Film Festival, Guam International Film Festival, Bayou Film Festival (Louisiana), CAMERA JAPAN Festival (Rotterdam and Amsterdam), Shorts on Tap (London), etc. Watch a teaser here


mirror in the mirror

One of our early works, a short film that was short-listed at the Japan Film Festival Los Angeles and IFF, among other film festivals, and screened in over 10 countries worldwide including the U.S., U.K., China, Brazil, and India. Leading actors include Quick, a dancer from ICHIGEKI, which finished in second place at an international breakdancing competition, achieving the highest-ever results for Japanese dancers, and GODA Yuki from contemporary dance company Monochrome Circus. Watch the film here


Shining Spring after Clearing Fog

Directed a documentary on a large-scale installation by contemporary artist HANAMURA Chikahiro. The installation filled a hospital atrium over 50 meters high with fog and soap bubbles. Shooting in a large hospital was extremely difficult; there were almost no precedents even for films or dramas. This is because it is necessary to consider not only aspects of hygiene but also to protect the privacy of inpatients and outpatients. With tremendous support from the artist and hospital, we performed the shoot while repeatedly making adjustments, such as strictly defining the shooting location. The result was some powerful footage containing only real doctors who worked there, along with the inpatients and outpatients. The installation won a number of awards, such as the Grandprix and the Nihon Keizai Shimbun Prize at the Kukan Design Award and the Creative Award at READYFOR OF THE YEAR. Also, part of the footage was broadcast in Fresh Faces on BS Asahi. Watch the film here

Shinka suru Seimei

A video to mark the opening of a lecture at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. The lecturers included Sputniko!, an artist who is attracting a great deal of public attention, and OCHIAI Yoichi, also known as a modern sorcerer.

Discover again Kumiyama

A commercial produced by SHIMIZU Hiroshi at the request of Kumiyama Town, Kyoto. Although the work had limited freedom, with fixed music, wording, and shooting locations, there was a lot to learn from working under the producer, also actively involved in Cannes and Locarno film festivals. It was shown at movie theaters across Japan.

Tailor SAEKI Hiroshi's work

A short documentary created for The Modern History of Japanese Men’s Wear exhibition at the Kobe Fashion Museum. It captured the work of one of the best tailors of Japan. The documentary was later exhibited/stored again at Fashion City, Kobe at the same museum. Watch the film here



Nagoya Marimbas

A music film by Steve Reich, a master of minimal music. The shoot was an enjoyable experience as the main theme of deepening and enhancing the content through a repeated melody is similar to what we seek. Watch the film here

Marimba Concerto

ICHIYANAGI Toshi, a contemporary musician who represents Japan, known for his experimental music activities with John Cage, as well as his film music for works by TESHIGAWARA Hiroshi and YOSHIDA Yoshishige. We conducted and released the world’s first recording of the performance of his new work Marimba Concerto, performed by NAKATA Baku. Watch the film here



MuDA Rites of Male

A documentary of a performance by contemporary dance company MuDA. The music was directed by YAMANAKA Toru, who served as the first music director of legendary performance company Dumb Type. It was praised by MATSUMOTO Yukichi of Ishinha as “currently the most interesting” performance. The video digest has been viewed over 450,000 times, which is unusual for a dance video on YouTube. Watch the film here

The night boat

A music video by the band Colloid, with members including IGAKI Akiko. A work that attempted to capture the shadows reflected on the surface of water. Watch the film here

Our main contributions

Dolce Vita
Responsible for the video production of a work by BuBu de la Madeleine, a reconstructed version of the work housed in the National Museum of Art, Osaka. Watch a teaser here

In Search of OZU
Cooperated on the production of a documentary by Daniel Raim, an Academy Award-nominated film director.

OZU Yasujiro Story
Co-directed a work that depicted the life of film director OZU Yasujiro from the four aspects of his life story, shooting, scripts, and music. Watch the films here

Great Britain
Shooting assistant for a short film directed by ISHII Yuya.

Circus Train
Worked as director of photography on the archival footage of a performance to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Keihan Electric Railway. The performance was held inside a train, which served as a theater during its 88-minute journey from Nakanoshima Station to Sanjo Station. Although every carriage was chartered, it was one of the most challenging jobs as the shoot took place in the presence of a large audience.

JR West Promotion
Shooting assistant for a commercial to promote the maintenance of railway safety, which was shown at large stations and other places.


Shooting assistant and chief editor for a promo video featuring MATSUMURA Sayuri of J-pop girl group Nogizaka46. The PV directed by remarkably talented animator YOSHIDA Toru accompanied the hit single “Natsu no Free & Easy,” which sold 500,000 copies. Watch the film here


Water Map
Responsible for the video production of a work by BuBu de la Madeleine and YAMADA Sohei. It was exhibited at various venues such as the Life with Art exhibition at Kyoto Seika University, the Mixed Bathing World 2012, and the Pump House Gallery (London).


Smartphone TV
In charge of shooting a program to introduce and explain smartphone applications, etc.

Tommykaira ZZ
The legendary Tommykaira ZZ sports car has been revived as an EV sports car by a venture of Kyoto University. Cooperated in the production of a commercial and worked as director of photography. The commercial featured in various media including Yahoo! News and MONOist.

Took part in the shooting (second camera) of Hedoro sponsored by Cineastes Organization Osaka (CO2) and directed by IRIE Takeshi.


A work by SHIBATA Go, highly rated at both home and abroad, ranked number 2 in the Top 10 Japanese Films by film magazine Eiga Geijutsu, and winner of the Nippon Visions Award. Participated in the making-of video along with involvement in some of the film’s visual effects and the production of a teaser commercial. Watch the teaser here

Remaking Avatar In A Day
Co-directed a comedy film that was short-listed to represent Japan at the Done In 60 Seconds Award (DISS) presented by prestigious British film magazine Empire.

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