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Film Director, Film critic / Representative of studio kk


In his mid-20s, Matsuura spent a long time in hospital being treated for a subarachnoid hemorrhage. The films he watched while in rehab made him determined to enter the world of films.

From 2007 onward, he took part in works by director ISHII Yuya and others. In 2010, he established studio kk with ORITA Eigo, DEGUCHI Michiko, and other members to start the production of commercials, music videos, short films, etc.

Some of the main works directed by Matsuura are: “mirror in the mirror” and “January Letter” – short films screened in over ten countries around the world; “Tailor SAEKI Hiroshi’s work” - a documentary exhibited and housed at the Kobe Fashion Museum; and “MuDA Rites of Male” - a video viewed over 500,000 times on YouTube.

Matsuura has been involved in a number of other titles and collaborative works, including a performance to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Keihan Electric Railway (director of photography); “HIGH SPEED” – a collaborative work with a member of the dance group ICHIGEKI, which came second at an international breakdancing competition; a smartphone app commercial; and a promotional video for JR West.


From around 2016 onward, his research into OZU Yasujijo began in earnest.
As a result, “The Complete Book of OZU Yasujiro” was published by Asahi Shimbun Publications, for which KASE Ryo and SAKAMOTO Ryuichi were, among others, invited to be contributors. The publication was highly rated as being the “latest and best.”
Matsuura also gives presentations on his film studies at overseas conferences, such as one held by the Society For Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS), as well as special lectures at Waseda University and other institutions.

(For the works directed by Matsuura, please go to the FILMS page, and for his publications and other works, to the PUBLISHINGS page

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